Winners are grinners
Greg Traeger scores a two Double Possible in a row
Saturday the 17th of August, the Murray Bridge Rifle Club shot 400m, with some nice weather throughout the afternoon, 2 TR shooter were lucky enough to score Double Possibles. Gordon Harrison finished with 100.07, 3 centres behind Greg Traeger who finished on 100.12. John Cranwell was lucky enough to pick himself up 1 possible with a score of 60.06

Saturday the 24th of August, Greg Traeger had luck on his side and finished with 100.07, 2 double possibles in 2 weeks. Fantastic shooting on his behalf. no other possibles were achieved. Jon Cranwell was the next closest in F open with a fine effort of 59.02.

For all scores and current championship tallies head over to our club championship results page by clicking on the link above.

We all wish Greg Traeger luck in making it 3 weeks in a row when we shoot next on the 31st of August at 500m.